Friday, July 6, 2012

Waterfall Analogy

A little random this one...

I have recently been reflecting on events in my life that changed the course of my future.. and my present. Here are my thoughts:

Waterfall analogy.

You are tight-rope walking across the Niagara falls without a cable attached. Scores of people have gathered to watch and as you approach halfway you hear some shouting - blurred by the hazy space and watery distance - but a crowd of noise coming your way. As you concentrate (and pray!) with each step over halfway, the wind picks up, causing water to splash  over you and around you with considerable force. Then a bird flies into you.
Before a thought can hit your head you are tumbling down into the gallows of water, with a deep roar of infinity pounding in your ears.

You could drown. You could suffer impact. But the only thought in your head would be relating to the fall, the tumble, and the struggle for life right now. You don't wonder what caused the slip up, you don't question the crowd shouting, the wind and water or the inconvenient bird. It is survival and recovery. It is perhaps only weeks later that you can wonder why it happened. And maybe months later that you can come to realise what caused you to misstep in that moment. And even when you do you can't forget the feeling of he rushing waters pulling you down and perhaps, the unfinished tightrope makes you even consider trying again!

When things happen that knock you off your feet you need time to get healed. Recover. Don't place blame too quickly on yourself or others or even circumstances (or you can come to fear it).

When you look back at the past, say if you move house or change jobs, sometimes the old seems better than the new and you can long to return. But there is always a reason for change and refreshment. We must grow...

I wondered if I should complete my tightrope across the Niagara a few years after taking a tumble. Once I discovered why I fell off and once I looked at where the river had taken me, I decided that going back would be madness!

Just some late night ramblings. God Bless x

Photos: Nik Wallendar crossing the Niagara Falls 2012