Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Structured Freedom... Freedom Structure?

This week I began to explore ideas for my final major project at uni. Of course, as it's fashion, rather than a lush clothes making course, I have to be trend aware and stick to some of the rules.... ahhhh!

So. I'm going to break away from the colours I'm normally drawn to and use a new theme: Obsession, described as beetle black, diamond teal, nude and fleshpot shade with a shot of spice shade. 

Shapewise, I'm going to look at the balance and clash between freedom and structure, boned, perhaps stiff and even strong fabrics worked against soft flowing tulles, chiffons and silks. Grungy thick denims with sheer organza and lace.

Structure: Architecture
Freedom: Plants and birds

Other trends to consider: Embellishmentalism! and Exoticism, both verging on boho.

I'm also going to experiment with Ombres; fabrics that fade and shade different colours. I was going to name my collection: Rustic Ombre, but it has been suggested that this sounds autumn, rather than Summer 2009.

Time for some sketching.