Thursday, February 5, 2009


"WESTFIELD shopping centre is causing a seven-day rush hour with huge traffic jams across west London, residents claimed today.

Roads surrounding the 23-acre mall were in chaos last night with up to mile-long tailbacks on major routes out of London, despite a £200million upgrade to the local transport infrastructure."

My Shepard's Bush fabric kingdom has been discovered by the world! Noo! Since the new year people traffic at Shepard's Bush tube station has increased by 60% ! Westfields, a shopping monstrosity has taken over, full of every store imaginable, affordable and designer, All Satins, Bershaka, Pull and Bear and Swaroski to name a few. Oxford street just isn't enough anymore.

At first sight it is nothing more than a massive retail therapy theatre, but the councils real reasons for plonking this thing here are only slightly better - to increase the value of properties and land in Shepherds bush area. 

Despite my upset at my favorite fabric shopping cave being invaded, the shopping centre is an architectural work of art. The light, space and even sound quality creates an uplifting experience even for those poor students who can afford to by absolutely nought.

Instructions for best results: Gaze at the incredible glass ceiling, take the escalator and visit the windows of swarovski. Gander round the fashion retail stores and then get a haircut at hershesons (next to house of fraser) Grab a coffee and relax on the stone cubes outside until 1am.