Monday, October 25, 2010

So much to do so little time!

It's been a while.. Ive still got about 4 or 5 maxi dresses to put online, but I'm at uni now and things are hectic. The journey to Birmingham isnt too bad - 40min walk, 20mins on the train and a 20min walk to uni. Keeps me fit I supose, and the time on the train is some good 'thinking space' (except when I fall asleep)
Well here's one of the dresses that needs to go online, and a page of uni work.

Birmigham uni is very diffrent to Bournemouth Art's. They don't like anything contemporary in your reseach unless it is your own interpretation of something. I've made a lush little concertina book full of interesting finds... Got to do 100 designs from it by tomorrow and only 45 done so far !