Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hengistbury Head

We took a walk along to Hengistbury Head the other day - I saw a sign post that said 4.5 miles, but thought hmm thats not much. Ha! oh dear What a walk!

It was a beautiful day - a bit of sun and mostly warm-ish.
I much prefer the rustic countryside than the tarmac fronted beach that Bournemouth has. We found a cafe and onwards some more was a nature reserve that then reaches to the head. We walked all the way to the top.
Definitely recommend going - but don't get excited about the cafe... Bring a thermos of hot chocolate instead and don't wear flip flops.

We went to the New forest the following day and had a lunch in Brockenhurst. I don't know how the wild horses don't get stolen or run over!

Then on to Christchurch harbor. We wanted to go rowing, but 630pm was a little late in the day to begin another adventure. They have a paint it yourself pottery place in Christchurch too!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Church Day

Chocolate and marshmallow topped marble cake with a glass of whole milk. A perfect way to round off a fabulous dream filled evening and a full day of manic fun.

We went to the late Church service today, all four of us walked in together. I wore my DMs... and subsequently got 2 new blisters (after already having 2 from a walk to the station in flat indian shoes) The heels I had packed in my bag would have been more comfortable in the first place!

We had lunch at the Southey's house to celebrate Andy's birthday - pretty good turn out. Then we trekked off to the beach for some crazy immature fun (well for us girls anyways!)
Tonight consisted of lots of bolognese being cooked up quickly before a good hour of God time. It's definitely the start of something amazing.

Meez xX

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Painting without thinking

My remedy for lowness this week was watching 'the notebook' twice a day and painting without a care. Now I'm feeling happy I'm going to attempt to fix up the painting and get the light angles looking better. Need to learn how to get my brain into gear again!

Perhaps the painting was a little healthier for the soul than the continuous film watching, specially as I am really missing my Jonathan!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New House!

Well the new place is amazing, what with all the girls, our dreams for the future, the baking and the film watching (I've become addicted to 'the notebook' which is hopelessly romantic) I'm the most organized I've ever been, thanks to my new unit that my material is in... A little different to last year which consisted of a large mound of overflowing material in a big lime green bin. 
Not too happy about the colourful magazine letters I used to label the boxes but I figured your only young once so I might as well have it funky before I end up making it in boring black pen.

We're located 2 mins away from the shops (including Charity shop city) which is great for self discipline - ha! But seriously, its a wonderful location. Only down side is the trafic, for a small roads it's surprising how much drives and wanders by, and as my room is downstairs at the front I have to be a little careful about having the blinds open.

Still - the landlord built us a nice new gate the other day (so decent of him) so we are feeling safe and happy.

Should be visiting my course leader again tomorrow as I may be switching course. Must get some sleep - and Alice, hope your school is fun! xX Meez 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Vic and Richard's wedding!

Victoria's wedding was undoubtedly the best weathered day in august. The ceremony was beautifully emotional - gorgeous music was played when she walked up the isle in a specially made satin and lace gown. The train on the dress was the perfect length and the buttons down her back complimented her figurer gracefully :) 

The night before was hectic - organizing teapots filled with flowers for the dinner tables and last minute nail painting for the bridesmaids.

Richard wore a fantastic textured jacket and Reuben became instantly popular with the girlies in his pin stripe suit.

More on this later - I've just moved in with 4 Christian girlies and we're chatting about angels :) xX Meez