Sunday, September 14, 2008

Church Day

Chocolate and marshmallow topped marble cake with a glass of whole milk. A perfect way to round off a fabulous dream filled evening and a full day of manic fun.

We went to the late Church service today, all four of us walked in together. I wore my DMs... and subsequently got 2 new blisters (after already having 2 from a walk to the station in flat indian shoes) The heels I had packed in my bag would have been more comfortable in the first place!

We had lunch at the Southey's house to celebrate Andy's birthday - pretty good turn out. Then we trekked off to the beach for some crazy immature fun (well for us girls anyways!)
Tonight consisted of lots of bolognese being cooked up quickly before a good hour of God time. It's definitely the start of something amazing.

Meez xX

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