Friday, September 10, 2010

J&M Photography - Matt and Sophie

Last weekend J and I photographed a wedding together for the first time. I've been at several weddings as second photographer - but this time we could do it our own way :) Exciting!

I started the day at Sophie's house (beautiful bride who used to be my housemate in Bournemouth) and got clicking some fun prep photos. I got to play about with Andy's wide angle lens - Andy is the guy who shot the Resa Smith photos in a previous blog entry. Could easily get obsessed with this lens!

Then on to the Ceremony, J and I had a list each of what we needed to capture, and made sure we were always on oposite sides of the Church to cover different angles - then quicky swapping places saying things like 'ahh quick - you need to get a shot of whoever!'
J was a great help, anything I hadn't managed to cover, he went off to do for me. He captured the amazing moments after the ceremony - photo above.

I must say, we had an amazing time, I wasn't nervous, but next time I will slow down and bring a visual list as well as a written one. It was a lushious wedding to start at and hopefully J and I will be able to photograph some more in the future.

Baby McClenaghan

Alex and Ivane's new baby - photographed at 3 days old!

J, Caelan and Alex in the V-dub that Alex has restored and is selling on ebay: