Friday, October 30, 2009

Gap Year beginnings

The release of 'Pirates of the Caribean' caused a rippling of trends accross designer and high street brands alike. Primark are still stocking the same knee high suede effect boots that they began to sell in high volumes 2 years ago, and harem trousers were even more popular this summer than last.

Above: Lily Cole modeling Jean Paul Gaultier
Below: Similar to popular Primark boots

The next Resa Smith collection (note: amended spelling, word now translates to mean laughter, and also links to the word Yield - useful when my hubby's freelance company is called Yield) was to be a black autumn/winter trend, until that idea was splashed all across the magazines for this years trend - making it become old news by the time I have it finished for next years winter. 
2010 will see the release of 'Prince of Persia'. What better idea than to take inspirations from the few images I could find from this film and translate them into fashion ideas?
I will begin injecting colour to my very black looking collection and be making use of my fabulous costume book that Rosh gave me :)