Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fascination of the week

4 weeks ago:
Spider silk is stronger than steel, it is being used in medical research to create artificial ligaments.

3 weeks ago:
The reason the silk industry in Britain never took off on a global scale is because JamesI ordered the wrong type of mulberry tree to feed the silk worms. Silk worms are monophagous so without the white mulberry tree they died. No one dared say this back in the day - it would have been treason, so they blamed it on the weather!

2 weeks ago:
The amish community has strict rules; how to dress, what to eat, where to work, and the God to pray to. It seems that most who leave are not in search of a more free-ing or exciting world - but a more free-ing and real relationship with Jesus. They are becoming born again Christians, and ex-communicated for it.

Last week:
My upstairs neighbor only has about 10% of her sight. She is completely independent, her computer talks to her - and she can type faster than me. Amazing. It is fascinating to describe things to her - without using visual descriptions too much.