Thursday, September 11, 2008

New House!

Well the new place is amazing, what with all the girls, our dreams for the future, the baking and the film watching (I've become addicted to 'the notebook' which is hopelessly romantic) I'm the most organized I've ever been, thanks to my new unit that my material is in... A little different to last year which consisted of a large mound of overflowing material in a big lime green bin. 
Not too happy about the colourful magazine letters I used to label the boxes but I figured your only young once so I might as well have it funky before I end up making it in boring black pen.

We're located 2 mins away from the shops (including Charity shop city) which is great for self discipline - ha! But seriously, its a wonderful location. Only down side is the trafic, for a small roads it's surprising how much drives and wanders by, and as my room is downstairs at the front I have to be a little careful about having the blinds open.

Still - the landlord built us a nice new gate the other day (so decent of him) so we are feeling safe and happy.

Should be visiting my course leader again tomorrow as I may be switching course. Must get some sleep - and Alice, hope your school is fun! xX Meez 

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