Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hengistbury Head

We took a walk along to Hengistbury Head the other day - I saw a sign post that said 4.5 miles, but thought hmm thats not much. Ha! oh dear What a walk!

It was a beautiful day - a bit of sun and mostly warm-ish.
I much prefer the rustic countryside than the tarmac fronted beach that Bournemouth has. We found a cafe and onwards some more was a nature reserve that then reaches to the head. We walked all the way to the top.
Definitely recommend going - but don't get excited about the cafe... Bring a thermos of hot chocolate instead and don't wear flip flops.

We went to the New forest the following day and had a lunch in Brockenhurst. I don't know how the wild horses don't get stolen or run over!

Then on to Christchurch harbor. We wanted to go rowing, but 630pm was a little late in the day to begin another adventure. They have a paint it yourself pottery place in Christchurch too!



purelyme86 said...

Whoop thats a must visit then... Meez I sooo wan to go to a cafe with you... we have to meet up X

purelyme86 said...

Sound so fun. btw meez i have a blog page now i will try and update every now and then...