Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Resa Smith ***maxi dress***

A few weeks ago I had time of work due to a nasty throat infection. As I work in a call centre this made me un-work-able! So I began to dream up some ideas.

The Inspiration:
Here is the inspiration, from Monsoon, followed by the outcome, a maxi dress made with fabric I bought with Selina, from an Indian fabric shop on Dudley road.

The Plan:
Well so many people, when they hear about the idea of maxi dresses go 'oOOooo I'd like one please!!' so the plan is to finalise my pattern and have 1 standard size to fit dress size 8-12 (bra 30a-34c)

Followed by two length options:
flats (5"4 and under)
heels (5"5+)

Bigger bust sizes (dress 12-18) will be made in a few weeks when I've got going :)

So I'm off fabric shopping asap (I have work this week boo!) and then I'll get sewing!!
Once 6 are done I'll be calling on Selina (beautiful model) for a photoshoot and J will be working hard to get a website online with paypal enabled

Blessings!! xX

(please comment if you have any further sizing ideas or if you feel you wouldn't be suited to the options suggested)


selina said...

Meezzy meeeezzz i absolutely lovee this dress u are one talented little pixie! Beautiful beautiful beautiful ur gna kick ass at this whole dress making stuff, lots of love and hugs! xx

Jenna said...

I saw these dresses on my Flickr friend's, photocillin, photostream.

They are so beautiful. Are they for sale, and for how much?