Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jools and Jen's Wedding!

Last saturday was the much anticipated wedding of Jools and Jen! J, being the best man, had a few duties to get on with, whilst I had the wonderful role of being generally helpful; being in the know; but also relaxing and enjoying the day.
Jools arrived in style just in time before his Bride arrived - at which point I got butterflies at how beautiful she looked! We celebrated the day with loud worship music and fantastic songs, followed by a performance from the singer of Basement Jaxx (Jool's God-Sister). Dave Nunn gave a message, the main point I remember is when he described being married - and said that after 3 months you will have forgotten what it was like to be single. It's true!

We then took a trip in a big old London bus to Browns, the classy reception venue. Delicious food, lovely people and funky jazz music - my highlight being when Jool's dad got up to sing with the band. Felt like I was suddenly in a film!

...And finally - sending off the new Mr&Mrs, we shared a taxi back to the hotel where Jen and I chilled out for a bit and the boys ran around organising something or other - maybe something to do with their honeymoon in Bognor (! running joke - Jen doesn't know where the honeymoon is!)

A wonderful day had by all x

... The following day it was our 1st anniversary! We'd planned to catch up with Jools and Jen, maybe share their rooftop hot tub (lols!) but in the end took a stroll by the river, entertained by some top notch classical buskers, and then discovered a bunch of dancers practicing in a tunnel. J defo wants to move to London now - uh-ohh!

And heres our views from the hotel, sweet lil farmers market, and table tennis which was mostly occupied even late into the night.

And finally.. J looking suave in his new shoes :) xx

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