Monday, November 24, 2008

Jacket Project

Here's my toile before adding the draping pockets at the sides. I've got two weeks until the final deadline, and will be recreating it in purple wool fabric and printing my workbook by then.

I'm loving the fact that I have done something unlike me - its more commercial than what I usually design. Unfortunately the colour I was assigned (blue / bright teal that I fell in love with and  will definitely use it for a future project) was swapped to purple, which is waaay too me-like! Changing it to purple makes the whole collection look tighter - altho I'm still convinced that we should have all used the same texture/ type of wool fabric to pull the collection together more.

Oh well! Check out the gorgeous digitally printed linning that I got from GoldHawk, London.

Fitted Jacket with a grown on collar and seaming details on the empire line. Vents on sleeves and draped pockets to follow.

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