Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T W I L I G H T - Textiles and fashion collaboration wins highly commended and asos pitch

Me, (fashion) Suphattra (fashion and modeling), Fran (model), Charlotte (textiles), (model) and Aisha (model)


Three weeks ago, textiles student Charlotte Jenkin was given a brief to collaborate with fashion students to create a range of t-shirts and a business plan for the brand.

Having seen her gorgeous work (everything she touches becomes beautiful) I was really excited to be working with her.

Suphattra and I started drawing up shapes, designs and researched well into beading and draping to work alongside Charlotte's vision. We wanted very much to facilitate her, and not 'contain' the project within any trend ideas, but inside let Charlottes textile ideas flow into the design development of the actual shapes too.

After the fabrics were created; beautiful dyed and screen printed nylons and lycra, we set to work drafting and pattern cutting in the last week, running up to the presentation.

The presentation was very much like dragons den! A panel of judges (most of whom I had no idea who they were) a big camera from the BBC and some complicated questions about mass production manufacturing.

All lack of sleep and overlocking unpicking was well worth it! T W I L I G H T came Highly recommended, and our work will be presented to the buyers of ASOS ( next week!

Our models before a shoot for the newspaper

Fran in the printed poncho
Us lot! 
The hangers and tags for the range

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