Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jacket - Update

Today I started to cut out my jacket in final fabric. At the beginning I was optimistic about the colour change (from blue to purple) but 12 hours of staring at it has driven me crazy - it now looks like carpet to me and I can't wait to breathe fresh air away from it - it even Smells purple!

The lining pattern was printed parallel to the selvage. It was also available printed at a 90 degree angle, meaning that the patten had a stop and start point at every metre. (almost like a portrait and landscape option on fabric) This may have been a better option as to get the printed pattern facing the correct way for my pattern piece I had to line the straight grain up at a 90 degree angle so the grain runs horizontally rather than vertically. 

Just need to put he should pads in and sew the lining in tomorrow and I'm done. Photoshoot time!


Westy said...

looks like an ace jacket.. bee good to see it modelled on a nice photoshoot..

Jonathan said...

Wow HONEY!!! that looks incredible! You're such a pro! I REALLY like the choice of purple material-it's very fititng! You're great xXxX