Friday, December 12, 2008

Finished Jacket

So after a manic three days of sewing machine rushes and iron queeing, I finally got my jacket finished! The lining cost more than double the wool, but took less than half the time to construct. Lining the draped pockets was the most complicated part, because until I actually sat down to sew I hadn't thought about it methodically. I'm going to make this jacket up in some nicer fabric and hopefully learn how to make a bra out of the lining fabric!
Inspiration pictures: Miss Selfridges and

I absolutely love my course (fda fashion) because I can do projects that help my self development as well as working towards my BA qualification.
The next and final unit is called Professional Project. I will be making a Summer collection for Beales to sell in July. I'm also looking into doing a project running alongside it where I will be creating convertible luggage/ jackets !

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aussinurse said...

i love seeing ur work
your project runway sounds fab!