Friday, June 17, 2011

Out of everything...

I worked so flippin hard on my degree work, late nights up sewing, early mornings on photoshop and endless stress with the pen tool in illustrator! The most daunting task was my dissertation, yet out of everything, it was the most rewarding task and the only project I would not change. It is easy to say that I would change my final design collection, as it was not chosen for gfw - so of course I would re-do it. I remember back in May a friend of mine posted some info about the end of the world! Remember that? It was supposed to happen in May - so therefore we decided it was pointless starting our dissertations!

Well here's the pretty cover of my dissy titled 'Nothing will ever replace silk' and a photo of me at Macclesfield Silk Museum - to which I highly recommend a visit, the tour is just amazing


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