Monday, June 13, 2011


And now I'm hunting for a job in London. It is hard when I'm asked to send 'samples' of my work to job agencies, I have a versatile selection (!) different drawing styles, different age groups, etc but very difficult to choose a selection under 2mb! These are what I send through and I hope it represents my ability in design, free hand drawing, CAD, fabric knowledge, construction and techs...

Definitely looking forward to getting my portfolio back from uni in a week. It has fabric samples throughout and is much lovelier to see in real life.

1) Final project: Research, design development and photoshoot
(by supanew)

2) Mini project, for a younger audience, with tech drawings and photoshoot

 3) Bohemian journey, design development, inspiration scrapbook and colour designs with techs

4) Resa Smith summer 2010 dresses - commercial project example

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Faith Mason said...

This looks really good, your style has really developed! LOve it!