Thursday, July 7, 2011

British Summer Hot Chocs

This summer evening calls for some hot choc, so here is my own tried and tested recipe with links to the accessories I use.

1) Measure the milk by filling up the mugs you are  going to use. Slowly heat milk and use a thermometer to monitor the heat. Mine thermometer is from Amazon

2) Just before the milk is ready (about 70 degrees to froth well) boil the kettle and fill your mugs/glasses about 1/5 with water. Add the chocolate powder at this point, stirring it in gradually. For a richer result, add 1 teaspoon cocoa powder. You can also experiment with a gentler taste, replacing 1 teaspoon choc powder with 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence.

3) Froth milk! I filled the jar halfway to the marked line, so it froths over double. If you were making a cappuccino I would recommend skimmed milk, as it froths best. I tend to rinse the glass in warm water before shocking it with hot milk. My milk frother is by Bodum and can also be heated on the hob top.

4) Stir the remaining heated milk into the chocolate syrup you prepared, and top with froth. Admire it for a second, then move on quickly!

5) Top with chocolate sprinkles to impress, although this can cause the froth to disappear more quickly. My latte glasses are from House of Fraser.

Enjoy! x

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